We are pleased to introduce two new lines of Mariachi instruments, endorsed by Maestro José Hernández of Sol de México®, the nation's premier Mariachi ensemble. These vihuelas and guitarrones represent the new standard for bringing mariachi instruments into the classroom.

The José Hernández Signature Series is considered the top of the line. With upgraded hardware, beautifully matched tonewoods, and gorgeous abalone inlay, these instruments set themselves above the rest. These instruments are so professional, José Hernández himself lent his autograph to the top of each headstock.

The José Hernández Cocula Series is the perfect place to start learning or step up to. Featuring traditional tonewoods and high quality tuning machines, the Cocula series offers more than just beauty. The name Cocula derives from a town in the Mexican state of Jalisco, and is often called the birthplace of Mariachi.

To purchase José Hernández Mariachi instruments, visit West Music, the exclusive retailer of these premier Mariachi instruments.